Brief Description

Please make your own arrangements according to the list of Hotels presented below.
You can also use the internet, for example:
The short list of Hotels below is grouped by walking distance from Conference site (University of Minho). Hotel Toural is a good choice, very central and not expensive. Pousadas are excellent but more expensive.


List of Hotels


Group A - City very center [10-15 min]

Hotel Toural****
Albergaria Residencial Palmeiras****
Pousada Nossa Senhora da Oliveira (charm)
Residencial Trinas**




Group B - City [15-20 min]

Villa Hotel Guimarães****
Hotel Ibis Guimarães**




Group C - City, near train station [20-25 min]

Hotel de Guimarães****
Hotel Fundador***
Hotel Dom João IV**




Group D - Off center [at no walking distance]

Pousada de Guimarães, Santa Marinha (historic)





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