guide for authors


Manuscript Guidelines

MS Word and LaTeX samples for contributions are available next

- EUCOMES 2014 Word template

- EUCOMES 2014 LaTeX template

Maximum length of contributions is 8 pages.

Please, use above templates in order to fulfill with Springer requirements.



As to the figures, the guidelines below apply.

- Since the book will be printed in black/white (ebook in colour), we strongly suggest that you print out the figures in black/white and check the reproduction quality. If necessary, adjust the figures. The following resolutions are optimal: 200-300 dpi for greyscales/colour figures and 600 dpi for lineart/bitmaps, with a minimum line thickness of 0.4 points (+/- 0.1mm).

- When using fonts within figures, these fonts should be embedded. The use of T3 fonts is not recommended.

- Do not use faint lines and/or lettering and check that the figures are legible at final size.

- Please check to make sure that the text does not refer to colour where there will be none in the book. In that case, you are kindly asked to rephrase the particular sentence/paragraph.


Presentation and Publication

Authors are invited to submit a full paper through submission form. The official language of the Conference is English. Slide and overhead projectors, beamers for personal computers as well as DVD video players will be available.

Each submission will be rigorously reviewed and accepted papers will be published in a Proceedings book by Springer.


Special Issues

Outstanding works, as extended version, will be selected for publication in a Special Issue of two International Journals, Journal of Multi-Body Dynamics (JMBD) and Mechanical Sciences (MS), after undergoing a peer-review process.



It is expected that a total of 21 papers will be published:
Journal of Multi-Body Dynamics: 15 papers
Mechanical Sciences: 6 papers

The Guest Editors of the these Special Issues are:
Journal of Multi-Body Dynamics: Paulo Flores
Mechanical Sciences: Doina Pisla and Paulo Flores

The general procedure for the manuscripts selection for these two Special Issues is described below:

STEP 1 – Manuscripts selection

Manuscripts awarded as “Best Paper Award” in each category will be considered.
Manuscripts must have positive reviews from all EUCOMES reviewers.
The opinion of each Session Chair will be collected and considered.
Manuscripts must fit the scopes and objectives of the journals.


STEP 2 – Manuscripts approval
The list of selected manuscripts will be analyzed and approved (or not!) by EUCOMES International Scientific Committee.
The list of approved manuscripts will be send to above-mentioned journals.


STEP 3 – Manuscripts submission
Authors will be asked for an extension version of their manuscripts.
Manuscripts will be submitted online through the journals editorial manager.


STEP 4 – Manuscripts review
Each manuscript will undergo a double peer review process.


STEP 5 – Schedule
Manuscripts selection and authors’ notification: October 1, 2014.
Extended manuscript submission: December 1, 2014.
Acceptance/rejection notification: January 31, 2015.
Possible publication date: March 2015.